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Add a theme info button

As a theme author, you can include some additional information about your theme behind an info button. It opens as a modal that looks something like this:

We recommend being brief and including things like:

  • the theme author name
  • the theme version
  • a link to the theme's documentation
  • your company logo.

The info button appears on the Customize theme page beside the name of the theme:

Add the button to your themeAnchor link for: add the button to your theme

  1. Go to the Edit HTML/CSS page for the theme you want to edit.

  2. Click the Configs folder.

  3. Click settings_schema.json to open it in the online code editor.

  4. Copy and paste the following code anywhere between the opening [ and closing ]:
 { "name": "theme_info", "logo": "https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0070\/7032\/files\/2010_6_23_Bizweb-Green_256x256.jpg", "settings": [ { "type": "header", "content": "Bizweb Cool Theme" }, { "type": "paragraph", "content": "v1.0.0.5" }, { "type": "paragraph", "content": "See the theme [documentation](https:\/\/docs.bizweb.vn\/themes) on the Bizweb site for more information about this wonderful theme." } ] }, 

5. Edit the plain text information to match your theme's info.

Code requirementsAnchor link for: code requirements

At a minimum, your theme info button code must contain:

  • "name": "theme_info".
  • "settings" with at least 1 header or paragraph.

This means the minimum viable info button code looks like:

{ "name": "theme_info", "settings": [ { "type": "header", "content": "Bizweb Cool Theme" } ] }, 
  • If you choose to include a logo, it must be accessible through the https:// protocol.

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